SPC in plain language: purpose of the course
The purpose of the course is to motivate people to use statistical process control in their work. It takes the form of a lecture with active participation by the students – not a maths lesson! That is why students will understand what statistical process control is all about. The emphasis is on how SPC is used in practice, what benefits you as a supplier gain from it, and how internal and external customers notice that their supplier is using SPC in his production.

Objective of the course
The objective of the course is to make students feel enthusiastic about starting to use statistical process control. It will give them an understanding of what machine and process capability means, and of the danger of controlling a process on the basis of faulty data – in short, of the reason why they should use statistical process control. Students will also get guidance and advice on common pitfalls associated with introducing SPC into production

Michael Nielsen has several years’ experience of teaching SPC, not only to machine operators but also to managers who need to be able to explain why their companies should use SPC. He also has several years’ hands-on experience of SPC as an operator.



Aspects appreciated by people who have attended the course:

“Practical instruction without any formulae.”

“The motivation and the instructor’s enthusiasm.”

“The clear presentation; now at last I understand what it’s all about. I want to start using SPC right now!”

“The instructor explained everything very simply.”

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