SPC for right-brain thinkers.

While most books on statistical process control place heavy emphasis on the underlying mathematics, the people who use the tool in practice are not particularly interested in maths. The mathematical aspect may even frighten off potential users: the knowledge that SPC involves a lot of formulae can constitute a mental block.
In SPC for right-brain thinkers you can read about how an imaginary law firm uses SPC to shorten the time spent on dealing with cases.

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The Goal – a Process of Ongoing Improvement

To AmazonThis book, written in the form of a novel(!), is about how to improve efficiency and profitability in manufacturing industry. With 800 000 copies printed in fifteen languages, it is primarily a handbook on production engineering. It can be used either for private study or as a course textbook.
The author, Dr Goldratt, is a physicist, philosopher, corporate executive, and an industrial consultant in world-wide demand.

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